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Model and Algorithm for Production Scheduling of Steel Billet Hot Rolling Furnace

The billet heating furnace is the heating equipment before the billet is hot rolled, and it is a buffer link and a large energy consumer in the casting-rolling process of the modern metallurgical enterprise. On the premise of meeting the requirements of the production process, optimizing the production scheduling of the heating furnace area and reducing the energy consumption of the heating process are particularly important for reducing production costs. In recent years, most of the research on heating furnaces has focused on the mathematical model and optimization control of the heating furnace, and there has been relatively little attention to the production scheduling of billets in the heating furnace area. The production scheduling of the heating furnace zone is based on the premise that the rolling plan (that is, the order in which the billet leaves the heating zone) and the continuous casting billet (that is, the time when the billet reaches the heating zone) have been determined, and the billet in the heating zone is determined Processing path.

The production scheduling of the billet hot rolling heating furnace zone belongs to the NP-complete problem in combination optimization. Scholars of the University of Science and Technology Beijing established a mathematical model of billet heating furnace zone scheduling with the main objectives of minimizing production energy consumption and heating quality optimization, respectively, and attributed it to the problem of Boolean satisfiability. The genetic tabu search algorithm with binary coding is used for solving. Simulation and optimization results based on actual production data show that the model and solution method fully meet the needs of on-site heating furnace production scheduling. On the premise of meeting the production process constraints, the production time is shortened, and the billet entry temperature and heating quality are improved. Compared with the result of traditional manual scheduling method, it has better energy saving and high yield effect.

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