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Jiangyin Zhongyi Electric Co., Ltd. successfully developed the electromagnetic induction heating of stainless steel rolling line

In October 2019, Jiangyin Zhongyi Electric Co., Ltd. successfully installed and commissioned electromagnetic induction online heating for stainless steel rolling production line of Walsin Lihwa Co., Ltd. in Taiwan, China! The 2m / s rolling speed production line is the first. For the convenience of production, it is designed as a vehicle-mounted multi-station (heating station, insulation station, offline station); after the joint efforts of the company's technical staff and relevant units, it is successfully delivered. Improve the quality of stainless steel products.

China Taiwan Huaxin Lihwa KB1 rolling mill electromagnetic induction online heating

Zhongjiang Yin Zhongyi Electric Co., Ltd. specializes in the production and development of electromagnetic induction heating equipment for steel rolling production lines. It has many years of R & D and manufacturing experience.

In 2014, Jiangyin Zhongyi Electric Co., Ltd. in Jiangyin Xingcheng Special Steel Co., Ltd., supplemented the heating between rough rolling and intermediate rolling of 96 × 96 × 25m intermediate billet special steel, and the temperature difference between the head and tail of the 25m billet was controlled within 20 ℃ .

Jiangyin Xingcheng Special Steel Intermediate Billet Electromagnetic Induction Online Heating Between Rough Rolling and Medium Rolling

In 2016, Jiangyin Zhongyi Electric Co., Ltd. produced and manufactured 12000KW high-power small billet online reheating equipment in Yancheng Lianxin Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., 150 × 150 ~ 180 × 180 × 12m continuous casting billet, incoming temperature 800 ℃, output 180t / h, supplemental heating 200 ℃, to realize online straight rolling.

On-line heating of electromagnetic induction of straight rolling between Yancheng Lianxin Iron and Steel continuous casting machine and rolling mill

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