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Company Profile

Jiangyin Zhongyi Electric Co., Ltd. is located in Jiangyin City, a modern and economically developed riverside port garden city. It is connected to Suzhou in the east, Wuxi in the south, Changzhou in the west, and Taizhou in the north, 120 kilometers from Shanghai Hongqiao Airport in the east, more than 130 kilometers from Nanjing Lukou Airport in the west, and more than 30 kilometers from Wuxi Airport, Changzhou Airport, and Nantong Airport respectively. .

Established for many years, the company is a company specializing in the research and development and manufacture of complete sets of electromagnetic induction heating equipment for steel rolling production lines.

The company's main products are: intermediate billet reheating, continuous casting billet straight rolling replenishment, heating furnace furnace replenishment heating and full cold billet heating, etc. According to different steel types, different sections and different parts, optimized heating and supplementary heating are performed to meet the requirements of steel rolling induction and improve product quality.

Jiangyin Zhongyi Electric Co., Ltd. always adheres to the concept of "technological innovation, win-win cooperation and good service", builds enterprises with high-tech and brand, and serves the steel industry better.


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